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Ben Farinazzo | Officer | Gold Medallist | Husband | Father | Survivor

Ben was born in Brisbane and has Aboriginal and Italian heritage. He attended boarding school at The Southport School, Gold Coast. At age 16 he joined the Australian Defence Force and served as an Army Officer. In 1999, he deployed on active service as part of the International Force in East Timor. Following a decade… Read More »

Survivor Discussion: Women Surviving Rape and Molestation Part I

Sexual abuse is any form of non-consentual sexual behavior acted upon an individual. We often hear about high profile sexual assault cases on the news, but rarely do we discuss the capacity in which many women (and men) have experienced sexual assault right in their own homes, by people they have grown to trust or… Read More »

Survivor, complex trauma, PTSD, bipolar, depression. Soar Purpose having voice.

TW: themes include sexual abuse, rape, suicide. My name is Xanthe Wyse. I have been sharing some of my journey processing complex trauma with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and bipolar disorder (type 1). I have had PTSD for 4 decades and bipolar since my late teens which both got progressively worse with more trauma. This… Read More »


Learn about the difference between CPTSD vs PTSD through the eyes of a domestic violence survivor. Come on the journey of Living with CPTSD with me While simultaneously being a bad ass chick ❤️ I heal through healing others by sharing my story and shining a light on the psychological effects domestic violence can have… Read More »

Kinks & Fetishes | SEX ED COLLAB SERIES ft DID MomVlog

GIVEAWAY (4/10/20-5/8/20) HOW TO ENTER: *required *Subscribe to our YouTube and follow us on Instagram. *Leave a different comment on each of the 5 videos posted during this giveaway *Share each of the 5 videos uploaded during this giveaway to your social media and use the tag #TheArtofAdultingGiveaway Extra Credit: (Meeting the requirements above only… Read More »

006 Living with PTSD & Needing Help

In this video I talk about recurring symptoms and the impact it can have on quality of life. It’s important to take mental health seriously and give veterans/all uniformed services complete and hasty access to mental health services. It’s important to take away the stigma of ptsd and other stress, anxiety, or emotional disorders. There’s… Read More »

STORY TIME | Molestation, Rape and Suicide| LIVING w/ Depression and PTSD Part 1/3 #MeToo

South African Youtuber Hello, I’m Sisanda Buthelezi and welcome to my Channel! Please Note: I am not looking for pity or sympathy. I’m merely sharing my story with y’all. I remember a time when I had just embarked on my journey of recovery where i would come here desperately looking for other girls/boys i could… Read More »