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GP un-registration follow up false council and witness directed against me by a guileful G.P surgery

Follow up witness of the previous said witness videoed regarding an involuntary G.P registration who has omitted my request to be unregistered from their practice or to have lawfully responded in writing to any written request, denying me my right to choose whether I want a doctor or not who now has after several months… Read More »

Targeted Individual Scalar Scatter Frequency #3

Set Volume 50% – 80% Target Scatter Frequency Assists In Jamming The Harmful Frequencies Of Cell Phone Towers, Haarp, Big Brother Satellites- Government Terrorism -Mind Swapping Mind Mapping EEG Cloning Hybrid Programs. Assists In Restoring Harmony And Wellness Into The Brain Circuits. Millions in the U.S Targeted With RF/Scalar/Sonic Wpns, Nano Tech Amoebas, Neuro Circuit… Read More »

Aunt Judy Lee @ Home, Kind Of My CPTSD Overview

More and more I am coming back into my skin. How I’ve managed is remarkable, extraordinary even. All along “they” were saying I was unstable and “they” were just trying to help. “They” are F.O.S. Accepting the reality the medical and psycho analytical groups who surrounded me are emotionally void has been very stressful and… Read More »


Is yours a life of trauma and hardship? Do you wonder what could possibly be causing you to have symptoms of trauma when you don’t remember any? Have you spent all your life trying to get to the bottom of why your life keeps being hard and full of strange occurrences or misfortune? Do you… Read More »