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Living with Complex PTSD, healing from Narcissistic Abuse, and Six YouTubers who can help you

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Shadow Work Through Ancestral Healing & Morphogenetic Field Dynamics

Shadow Work Through Ancestral Healing & Morphogenetic Field Dynamics // ➤ NEW Ancestral Healing & Connection Course: https://www.bridgetnielsen.com/ancestralcourse/ Connect with me on Instagram @bridgetnielsen In this video, I share shadow work exercises and how to do shadow work through ancestral healing and morphogenetic field understanding. Through morphic resonance, subconscious patterns are passed down through our… Read More »

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Evette Rose is an Author, Life Coach, Trauma Release Practitioner and Personal Development Teacher Receive free daily inspirational quotes for 365 days for free and so much more! Sign up now: www.metaphysicalanatomy.com Metaphysical Anatomy Volume 1 and Metaphysical Anatomy Technique includes step-by-step guide for identifying the psychosomatic pattern related to 679 medical conditions. These conditions… Read More »

TWIN FLAME Divine Masculine & Sexual PTSD! (ALL 12 SIGNS TOO) 9/20/2019

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Repressed and Suppressed Memories – Teal Swan –

A suppressed memory occurs when a situation is associated with a high level of trauma or stress, and the memory of the entire situation is unconsciously blocked so that the person has no memory of it at all. Even though the memory affects that person on a conscious level, they have no ability to recall… Read More »

ATTACHMENT TRAUMA – Candace van Dell

Attachment trauma happens in early childhood BUT can be recreated over and over again until we heal our inner wounds & learn to attach to ourselves. PERSONAL COACHING http://www.candacevandell.com TRUTH ROOM TRIBE (Monthly Membership) http://TruthRoomTribe.candacevandell.com INNER WORK (Group Coaching) 5-10 people MAX per group OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT STARTS MARCH 1, 2019 http://www.candacevandell.com/inner-work/ SOUL LAB eCourse… Read More »

How To Heal The Emotional Body – Teal Swan

In this video Teal Swan teaches on of the first examples of The Completion Process in how to heal the emotional body. she takes Blake Dyer through an emotion and an emotional memory to follow this trigger to the first time it was felt, simply validating the emotion rather than the memory itself. This is… Read More »

“We are not the body, we are not the mind” teachings. what does it mean?

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