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Personal & Workplace Trauma Release Exercises with Martez Schembri-Diskey (Ep.11 Video Version)

Martez Schembri-Diskey is a is a Globally Certified Traumatic Stress Informed Educator, Author, Massage & Craniosacral Therapist and Owner at Hands-On Health Care in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. She has been a Registered Massage Therapist for over 28 years owning her craft in helping others deal with their trauma. Whether if it occurred in their workplace… Read More »

PTSD with Jaye Devan | Mental Awareness Discussion | The M.A.D Podcast Ep 16

TRIGGER WARNING! This episode contains potentially triggering topics about PTSD. This week’s episode is a continuation of the many different types of PTSD. Comedian Jaye Devan was a Marine in Desert Storm and has dealt with a whirlwind of life trauma that led him to becoming the man he is today. We talk about post-military… Read More »

"Mental Health Awareness in the Church" – Pastor Shatona Brown & Deaconess Jewel Duckett (Week 2)

(October 3, 2021) Sunday School: “Mental Health Awareness in the Church” – Pastor Shatona Brown & Deaconess Jewel Duckett – (Isaiah 9:6) Weeks 2: (Case Study) The Life of Job; Topic: PTSD, Loss, and Grief (Job:1:1-22) ________________________________________ Sunday School (Study Notes): 5 Stages of Grief/Loss 1. Denial/Shock 2. Anger 3. Bargaining/Guilt 4. Depression 5. Acceptance/Hope… Read More »

Dissociation: Neuro-auricular methods for EMDR to bypass pre-frontal cortex and restore engagement

While EMDR is among the main treatments for dissociative disorders,[1-5] dissociation is also among the biggest challenges facing the EMDR therapist.[6-10] Neuro-auricular methods bypass prefrontal cortex involvement and facilitate restoration of dual attention and regulation[11-26] — in fewer sessions than might otherwise be required with other approaches with pre-frontal cortex involvement — while avoiding the… Read More »

Why Cognitive Behavior Doesn't work for Everyone w/Story time

Why Cognitive Behavior Doesn’t work for Everyone w/Story time. Do you know what CBT is? Did you know that some peoples diagnosis’ are better suited with other techniques? Learn today about CBT, demographics it was originally tested with, what diagnosis’ do and do not work as effectively with CBT, and so much more while you… Read More »

PTSD PT 2 / 3. Upbringing.

Oh, Post Traumatic Stress… you never fail to show your symptoms to me. Thank you for continuously telling me you’re there. Hello to my many loves! I am, once again, excited to share this video of part 2 towards my story behind my PTSD diagnosis. In my 1st video, I shared what PTSD is and… Read More »

PTSD PT 3 / 3. Adult life.

* Hellloooo, *sings* As my final video within my diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder concludes, I’m kind of relieved. My 1st video included what PTSD is and some answers on how to cope throughout life. My 2nd video included ages 6 – 10. And, the certain events that unfolded like destiny. The birth of… Read More »

PTSD PT 1 / 3. Awareness.

Hello sweet viewers, my humble bumble bees of autumn. I’m excited to finally present my 3 videos on various topics within my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In this video, I talk about what PTSD is and some answers on how to cope throughout life. I also mention what is to come within my next 2… Read More »

The Unexpected Signs I Was Living with PTSD | David Hogg x MedCircle

Thrust into the world of activism by the largest school shooting in American history, Parkland survivor David Hogg has become one of the most compelling voices of his generation. Through sharing his own experience with PTSD, David advocates for other trauma survivors, specifically those who have suffered from gun violence. For more like this, use… Read More »

How to Improve Your Mental Health – Depression, Anxiety, Stress

Mental health awareness is something that can help the millions of people who are impacted by mental health issues throughout the United States. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), one in five adults have had or currently have symptoms of a mental illness. These statistics show just how prevalent living with a… Read More »

Trauma's Impact on the Brain | How Balancing Your Brain Can Help | Dr. Doug Weiss & Lee Gerdes

To schedule your Cereset intensive, or to simply have a session where you receive a Personal Brain Index report to evaluate your brain balance, call or text Cereset – Garden of the Gods at 719-644-5778. In this video, Dr. Doug Weiss interviews Lee Gerdes, the CEO and Founder of Cereset. Cereset is an organization that… Read More »

$PSYC Highlights on MINDCURE

MINDCURE, a leader in technology and research in psychedelics, introduces its “Desire Project,” focused on the treatment of female sexual desire disorder with MDMA-assisted psychotherapy. Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder affects over 9.5 million premenopausal women in the United States. In clinical trials, MDMA therapy has shown success in helping people heal from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder… Read More »