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Tiktok's #MugshotChallenge is problematic and here's why

hello!!! before anything else, let’s stop doing this #MugshotChallenge because it is harmful. Let’s not tolerate the insensitivity and the ignorance brought by glamorizing injustice in marginalized communities that are already subjected to racial profiling and police brutality. This challenge mocks survivors of domestic violence. Survivors of domestic violence experience PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder), seeing… Read More »

My Current Mental Health And PTSD struggles

Hey Guys So I think it’s good to speak openly about my struggles and hopefully it can help some of you to understand me better and know it’s ok to talk about not being 100% okay Follow Me on TIKTOK- tiktok.com/@carmenelectrix ●FACEBOOK● https://bit.ly/2Jkk1xO ●INSTA● (SEE ALL MY GLAM SELFIES & FACETUNE – https://bit.ly/2YBteZc ●TWITTER● https://bit.ly/2NBbfkG… Read More »


TRIGGER WARNING- video talks about mental health, anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, suicide. Do not watch if you feel this will trigger you. 💕 Hello! Disclaimer: I am NOT a doctor and I am NOT a public speaker. This video is simply my experience with PTSD. I hope you enjoy this and get something out of… Read More »

Since We Telling The Truth | Mental Health, PTSD, Fatherhood, All Millennial's Aren't dumb & More!

I just wanted to vent but also change the content also. a lot of people especially young people like myself go through these same situations. tell me what you think playa lol.. #MentalHealth #Fatherhood #PTSD Source: Youtube