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Hope not hate have been allegedly following Tommy Robinson to his therapy sessions.

Tommy Robinson has been followed around everywhere he goes including his therapy sessions. This is disgusting to think the man is being pressured even when he is going to therapy for his ptsd post traumatic stress disorder. He is being targeted left right and centre by msm and hope not hate. #TommyRobinson #hopenothate #aviyemini Source:… Read More »

Tommy Robinson and Mike Stuchbery – PTSD, Doxxing and Lawsuits

This interview was recorded exclusively for Alt News Media. Check out the full article here: www.altnewsmedia.net/audio/lucy-brown-tommy-robinson-the-media-bias/ In this podcast, David Vance and I spoke candidly about our initial thoughts regarding Tommy Robinson’s intimidation of Mike Stuchbery at his home. This follows on from an event in which activists from Resisting Hate live-streamed the location of… Read More »

Tommy Robinson: Help vets with PTSD at SaveCombatStress.com

Come to our march and SIGN the PETITION at http://www.SaveCombatStress.com Tommy Robinson talks to a UK veteran who is on a hunger strike, protesting the closure of Combat Stress, and treatment centre for armed forces members with PTSD. Let’s honour our heroes by reopening this centre, which was shut down by the government for “funding”… Read More »


Please sign our petition at http://www.savecombatstress.com to the Ministry of Defence, insisting they restore funding to this PTSD clinic called “Combat Stress.” Gus Hale has served our country loyally for his whole life. He was a Royal Engineer Paratrooper in the Falklands. He served in North Ireland. He was prepared to give his life for… Read More »

Body Language: Tommy Robinson PTSD On Tucker Carlson

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