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Healing Earth & Trauma Informed Training & Education with Rachel Elnaugh | Juliet Yelverton

Rachel Elnaugh, entrepreneur founder of SourceTV & business mentor, trained with Juliet Yelverton in 2017. Watch Rachel as she describes the impact that the training had for her. ☞ #HealingEarth ☞ Understanding how trauma healing can heal humanity and the planet – http://julietyelverton.com/healing-earth/ Everyone is traumatised, The planet is in crisis and set on the… Read More »

PTSD In Women

The signs and symptoms of PTSD can intersect with our social conditioning and appear differently in women than in men.  To learn more about The Re-Patterning Project, visit: http://therepatterningproject.com/freeguide To join The Re-Patterning Parlor on Facebook, an online community for support from Arden and likeminded peers, click here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/614336785635553/ Source: Youtube

Trauma Healing Clinic

A short course on the Inner Healing Technique Inner Healing Inner Healing is a highly effective blend of Color Therapy, Yogic Meditation, NLP, and the best parts of Hypnotherapy that creates a profound and effective method for resolving trauma related symptoms and restoring balance and peace in the body-mind. How Inner Healing Works . Trauma… Read More »

PTSD can feel like Taming Wild Horses

Post Traumatic Stress is an anxiety disorder that leaves sufferers feeling overwhelmed. It is a normal reaction to exposure to traumatic events. Learn about the impact on the body, mind and emotion and how people recover. Dr. Baranowsky, Traumatology Institute shares her experience in working with 1000’s of survivors. Source: Youtube