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Techniques to STOP Ruminating Thoughts

In today’s video Jill gives you techniques to help STOP ruminating thoughts about the Narcissist and the Trauma of the past. Jill Wise, otherwise known as The Enlightened Target, is a life long survivor of narcissistic abuse. She was raised by a malignant narcissist and married to a malignant narcissist, she has endured years of… Read More »

Borderline PD VS. Bipolar, Depression & Complex PTSD: BPD Boot Camp

Most people who have BPD have been misdiagnosed. Typically they hear they have Bipolar, Major (Clinical) Depressions, and/or Complex PTSD. Those are just the 3 most common diagnoses but BPD can be comorbid with many different disorders. Here I explain the core differences between BPD, Bipolar, Depression, and CPTSD. Episode mentioned with Dr. Leaf: Borderline… Read More »

Take a Breath: Calming Police PTSD Support Video | OdysseyAuthor

PLEASE READ! I’m begging you if you are struggling, take a breath. Slow down… You may have just awakened from a nightmare… Or a flashback… But take a breath… I care about you and each and every police officer in the world. Yes, you! I’m talking to YOU! I care about your well-being and peace… Read More »

PTSD and Anxiety Relief – Lifespring Chiropractic, Austin TX

PTSD and Anxiety Relief – Lifespring Chiropractic, Austin TX Did you know that stress and emotional traumas can manifest in the body physically? This means that you can develop pain and other symptoms from emotional issues. Luckily, chiropractic can help relieve stress from the body so you may adapt to these past traumas and finally… Read More »

8 Signs You May Be Emotionally Triggered

An emotional trigger is an event that evokes an emotional reaction, usually a negative one. Examples of emotional triggers include words, gestures, sounds, images, and smells. Emotional triggers can also cause flashbacks, forcing the person having them to relive traumatic events such as the death of a loved one, abuse, an accident, or a medical… Read More »

Trauma Healing // Hypnoterapi

Trauma healing // Hypnoterapi Bagi orang-orang yang menyimpan trauma besar, misalnya trauma masa kanak-kanak atau post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), kehidupan yang mereka jalani sehari-hari terasa penuh dengan beban dan “hantu” yang mengikuti setiap langkah. Trauma yang pernah dialami tetapi belum disembuhkan akan memengaruhi pola pikir dan pola perilaku secara negatif, meskipun kadang hal ini tidak… Read More »

L E G I O N – Move

PTSD can have lasting effects on not only one’s mind, but also the body. The resulting stress can remain in the body for years without relief and can lead to increased risk for other medical and mental health conditions. People who suffer from PTSD are often encouraged to find ways to complete unresolved stress responses… Read More »

Massage helps my clients through Stress, anxiety, PTSD, Day & Nightmares how to cope during Covid-19

Providing services for the D.C, Maryland & Northern Virginia areas (DMV) If you would like to learn hands-on esthetic training in person at my Wellness Training Academy or online click here to purchase online classes https://wellnesstrainingacademy.com/ feel free to contact me Benjamin 301-335-9077, or I can be found on Instagram: @themobilespa1 https://wellnesstrainingacademy.com/ Location: 2 Pidgeon… Read More »

EP. 11: Abuse, Complex PTSD, Nasty Snacks, and Social Equity Hot Take

TRIGGER WARNING: Host Omari Jalan and guest Mark (Writer, Entrepreneur, and creator of now defunct website “Officer Downey”) have a brutally honest conversation about Mark’s abusive youth at the hands of his step-father, who was also a cop. Mark touches on how cannabis helped him endure his suffering and later helped him cope with Complex… Read More »

ABCs of Minu: CPTSD; What causes it and how it effects your body.

Today I want to talk about Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the Adverse Childhood Experiences that can lead to it. Resources ACE: https://www.cdc.gov/vitalsigns/aces/index.html ACE Test: http://traumadissociation.com/ace CPTSD: https://www.healthdirect.gov.au/complex-ptsd Source: Youtube

What Are The Stages of Recovery from PTSD?

Marriage and Family Therapist and trauma survivor Tamara Ridge discusses the 9 stages of healing childhood trauma (post traumatic stress disorder). These stages differ from traditional PTSD treatment because they empower you to follow your body through the healing process. This process allows you to learn how to heal childhood trauma without therapy so you… Read More »