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Welcome to 'Trauma! A PTSD Blog' from Beth Avery | HealthyPlace

Beth Avery is the newest author for ‘Trauma! A PTSD Blog’ at HealthyPlace.com. She welcomes you to the blog and talks about her complex PTSD (that she’s lived with since she was 16). Watch and say hello. Get more information about Beth at https://www.healthyplace.com/blogs/traumaptsdblog/2019/6/introduction-bethany-avery-author-trauma-ptsd-blog, ‘Introduction to Bethany Avery, Author of Trauma! A PTSD Blog’ ▷… Read More »

Take the Quiz: Has Childhood PTSD Affected Your ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS?

Early abuse, neglect and other traumas can create distinctive, negative patterns in adulthood, especially around dating and relationships. How were you affected? You can download the Quiz here: https://crappychildhoodfairy.lpages.co/romance-quiz/ You can take the full online course, “Dating and Relationships for People With Childhood PTSD” here: https://crappychildhoodfairy.lpages.co/dating-course-from-youtube You’ll find all my courses and downloads at https:/crappychildhoodfairy.com… Read More »

Narcissism, Trauma, Addiction: The Bridge

Find and Buy MOST of my BOOKS and eBOOKS in my Amazon Store: https://www.amazon.com/stores/page/60F8EC8A-5812-4007-9F2C-DFA02EA713B3 Addictions, post-traumatic behaviors, and pathological narcissism are strongly correlated: narcissism is a reaction to childhood trauma and abuse and PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder) leads to lifelong substance abuse. Indeed, CPTSD (Complex PTSD) is indistinguishable from Cluster B personality disorders with a… Read More »

How to Identify our Inner Critic when we've got Complex Ptsd

Identifying our Inner Critic when we’ve got Complex Ptsd is not going to happen the same way as when we’ve not experienced Adverse Childhood Experiences. When we understand the normal process we can then see how we can use the Complex Trauma information to identify what will work for us. Free Mindfulness & Complex Ptsd… Read More »

Mindfulness & Complex Ptsd

Mindfulness & Complex Ptsd ~ What is Mindfulness when it comes to Complex Ptsd and how can we include it in our daily life? Come and share in the celebrations of my 300th episode. There’s a freebie available for 24 hours, we do a mini meditation and share our experiences. Free Mindfulness & Complex Ptsd… Read More »

Dr. Tama Lane – "What is Trauma?"

What is trauma? Dr. Tama Lane answers questions relevant to survivors of trauma. (2019) Hey Trauma Campaign: http://heytrauma.nyc/ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ HEY TRAUMA, THE DAY WE MET CAMPAIGN I invite you to participate in HEY TRAUMA, THE DAY WE MET — a campaign designed to spread awareness of a growing epidemic in our society, the aftermath of… Read More »

What is Trauma Bonding? | Kati Morton

Order my book today! ARE U OK? http://geni.us/sva4iUY Now the term trauma bonding was coined by counselor Patrick Carnes and is defined as “the misuse of fear, excitement, sexual feelings, and sexual physiology to entangle another person.” But what that really means is that traumatic bonding is: “a strong emotional attachment between an abused person… Read More »

Q&A Subscriber Feedback Part 3

To take advantage of the DeMars Coaching service, please visit https://www.daviddemars.com/ Thank you for watching and please vote for this video with a thumbs up or down. Please share this video with someone else and on social media, forums, groups, and try putting it in a playlist. Please subscribe if you would like to see… Read More »

FCC Knows PTSD: Basic Information about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

June is PTSD Awareness month. In this video we present some basic information about PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). According to the National Center for PTSD there are 8 million people that suffer from this disorder. PTSD can result from witnessing, experiencing or knowing that someone close to you has experienced a life threatening trauma… Read More »

Inside the traumatic life of a Facebook moderator

Former Facebook content moderators are speaking out about their working conditions in the United States for the first time ever. The Verge traveled to Tampa, FL, to visit Facebook’s worst-performing content moderation site and learn about what life is like for hundreds of moderators. They told us that the office is filthy, the work is… Read More »

3 levels of stuck – get traction for taking inspired action – #cptsr #cptsd #codependency

For more info about CPTSR/ CPTSD/ codependency/ co-narcissism, just enter any of those terms in the search bar (in the website footer) at https://joybasedliving.com/ Debbie Happy Cohen is a master coach with a graduate degree in counseling. She’s the founder of Joy-Based Living, an online global conversation where people develop the skills to create (internal… Read More »