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How Any Disease can Be Healed? – Helaing Trauma, PTSD's, Diseases

Healing Trauma, Healing Disease: For Health, Happiness & Prosperity Trauma is not an event. Trauma is an experience. Trauma is a Fact of Life, but it doesn’t have become life sentence. Trauma is curable.- Peter Levine Dr. Rahjiv Naidu describes the effects of trauma and how it affects health and relationships, and how the trauma… Read More »

Can you process a trauma that you don't remember?

One of the more common confusions is how one heals a trauma, or a lifetime of traumas, when there is ZERO memory of it, or them. In this vlog I get into this. The key is working with the body, the somatic self, and also with the survival stress. Enjoy! RESOURCES MENTIONED: ARTICLE: 9 Common… Read More »