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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Details

People are easy to get stress for what they have done in their daily activities. There are many illnesses which are starting from the stress. There is one illness which comes from a mind which people called with mental disorder. The illness attacks the mental health. It is called post traumatic stress disorder. It is… Read More »

Healing Trauma in the Body with Peter Levine, PhD

Traumatic memory is unique in the way it can often live on in the physical and cognitive patterns that a client might develop after a traumatic experience. And in many cases, the very response that may have kept our client from harm can now also be keeping them from healing. That’s why in this video,… Read More »

#Shorts PTSD // How The Brain Can Help Overcome This Disorder

#Shorts PTSD is characterised by flashbacks that can be triggered by sights, sounds or smells. Panic attacks are also common with PTSD, alongside having some type of social phobia, being easily agitated, experiencing more stress than usual, or encountering resentment due to past experiences. The good news is that PTSD can be treated using our… Read More »

How to Differentiate Bipolar Disorder from a Trauma Response, with Ruth Lanius

In How to Differentiate Bipolar Disorder from a Trauma Response, Ruth Lanius, MD, PhD, will share one particular symptom that can help inform the way you approach treatment. Ruth is a leading expert in the treatment of trauma, and she’s seen how a dysregulated trauma response can be mistaken for manic behavior that’s related to… Read More »