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Jason Nelson’s Exhale: A Story of PTSD Recovery

Through his recovery as a burn survivor, Jason found his true calling to help other individuals and organizations understand the plight associated with PTSD and provide a place to recover. Exhale PTSD Recovery is a residential treatment program that was inspired from a desire to provide advanced treatment to survivors suffering with PTSD through a… Read More »

Stephen’s Testimonial: What Makes The Dawn Suitable for PTSD Treatment

Watch Stephen’s feedback to The Dawn and suggestion to those who are encountering with PTSD problem. Stephen, from Singapore, is giving a feedback of how The Dawn’s inpatient treatment and treatment options such as EMDR, TRE help benefit him to understand his PTSD issues and to accept himself. Find out more about our PTSD and… Read More »

Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Panic, OCD, PTSD – What’s The Best Thing To Do?

Discover exactly how I can help you easily develop the specific skill of being able to ‘Let Go’ of uncomfortable thoughts and feelings quickly, easily and naturally so you can become free of past emotional baggage and feel Empowered to handle any stress or challenges in your life in a calmer, happier and more confident… Read More »

Ibogaine Treatment Center Client Testimonials “PTSD and abuse”

http://ibogaineclinic.com There are so many great stories of recovery and wellness. For more information about Ibogaine Treatment, please visit Ibogaine By David Dardashti, or call 1-888-462-1164 or 305-978-5196 to speak with one of our Ibogaine treatment professionals today! David: Let’s start by telling both of you that Ibogaine is really the purpose, the main thing… Read More »

Recovery from PTSD with Rapid Resolution Treatment

Patient testimonial from a man that recovered from PTSD, anxiety, panic attacks, and anger issues after treatment with Rapid Resolution Therapy. Dr. Quintal & Associates are professional counselors based in Sarasota, FL that successfully treat depression, anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD and other mental health conditions with both traditional therapy and Rapid Resolution Treatment. For more… Read More »

“The Best Treatment for PTSD” Afghanistan Veteran

HMS Therapy is an effective treatment for all stress related conditions. BEST HELP AROUND “I am a Former Afghanistan & Northern Ireland Rifles Veteran Diagnosed with PTSD in 2012. I attended the New Leaf Programme HMS Therapy Treatment Course in 2013. Since then I no longer suffer from Symptoms of PTSD. I have achieved many… Read More »

1065 How to get rid of the fear of tapping, FasterEFT and letting go of PTSD

It is not uncommon for someone to start tapping on themselves and then get scared, have a panic attack, suicidal thoughts, depression and it’s all because of bad relationships. Many need some kind of real support where treatments have oftentimes failed. Read over 100 free blog posts about different topics and how FasterEFT can help… Read More »

Self-Help to Overcome PTSD & Trauma – Supplement & Alternative Treatment, Recovery & Cure

Your Patreon support is warmly welcomed and will help me help even more people: https://www.patreon.com/joachimeriksson Contact me for Professional Online Therapy: http://livefree.ie/contact-joachim-eriksson/ To contact Tory Aiden-mann please write to: toryaidenmann[at-sign]gmail.com Joachim Eriksson is a Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist certified with a Post-graduate Diploma by Dr. Joe E. Keaney, Director of the ICHP – Institute of… Read More »