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P T S D – Super Mario Maker 2 Reaction | Nintendo Direct 2.13.2019

This game will be the end of me. Why did Nintendo do this to me. It took me years to recover from the first one… Make sure to Leave a LIKE and let me know if you’d like to see more Live Reactions in the comments below! ———————————————————————————- LIVE STREAMING DAILY on Twitch ➡ https://www.twitch.tv/MaineMania… Read More »

[Criken] VRChat Onward : The PTSD Simulator

Criken plays VRChat – Onward. Originally aired 1/12/2018. SUBSCRIBE ➤…..https://goo.gl/YT4q39 Criken’s Youtube ➤…..https://www.youtube.com/criken2 Criken’s Twitch ➤…..https://www.twitch.tv/criken Criken’s Twitter ➤…..https://twitter.com/crikmaster Channel Managed by BrettUltimus ➤ https://twitter.com/brettultimus #criken #crikenstreams Source: Youtube

Living with PTSD, discussion wHollyMakesAWish – Mxiety on Twitch

Holly come on to talk about her experience with (PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and even touched upon Post Traumatic growth, which is making the best of the life you have to continue with. We discussed what flashbacks feel like, how to handle them as they come on …and holy moley who knew Holly and… Read More »

PTSD – Half-Life

We play games live every night at (4pp.tv) Check out the schedule: 4playernetwork.com/calendar/ We’re on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/4player Join our Discord! https://discord.gg/4Player Join the forums at (http://4playernetwork.com/community Source: Youtube


WARNING: THIS VIDEO CONTAINS GRAPHIC CONTENT AND MAY DISTURB SOME VIEWERS My journey throughout the most highly-acclaimed visual novel series called Muv-Luv. After spending countless hours into Muv-Luv Extra and Unlimited, I finally arrived at the best part of the ”plot”, the last installment of the series called Muv-Luv Alternative. Social Media TWITCH • http://www.twitch.tv/Dyrus… Read More »

Onward VR: The PTSD Simulator

Watch the full adrenaline packed VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/217867947 Onward is a new first person VR game where you and your friends literally go into war and blow each other up in silly jokes and japes. This game is intense. We only played it for a couple hours and by the end we were all sweating and… Read More »