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Questions and answers about PTSD

Dr. Ladi Kukoyi, chief of staff at the Birmingham VA, answers some questions to help people better understand what PTSD is, what it’s like and how it can be treated. Story: http://via.whnt.com/F1BUX If you have questions about treatment for PTSD, the VA has a page at www.ptsd.va.gov. Source: Youtube

PTSD – Understanding PTSD

What exactly is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder? Thousands of courageous men and women risk their lives in combat or in other dangerous professions. But few of us understand the private inner battle they bring home. Join our roundtable discussion with two veterans as we begin to talk about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and its real-life effects on… Read More »

Do You Have PTSD? Here’s How We Can Help You! Part 1

In this video, Doctor David Bonanno talks about PTSD, what he’s experienced, and how he can help you overcome from your PTSD. Through Dave’s experience, he works on providing quality tips and helps guide people to overcome their own PTSD. Find out more about Doctor Bonanno and PTSD therapy by visiting our website: www.doctorbonanno.com Source:… Read More »

Do You Have PTSD? Here’s How We Can Help You! Part 2

Doctor Bonanno and Matt can help you overcome PTSD. We have a different way of helping people overcome from their PTSD. Watch our videos and visit our website to know more about our methods and how we can help you overcome your PTSD! Learn more about our PTSD therapy and services by visiting our website… Read More »

PTSD Part One – What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

This week I will be focusing my attention on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In this first blog about the illness I will introducing the illness and explaining the signs and symptoms. Please join me for further discussions on PTSD in later videos where I will be talking about the brain, living with PTSD and treatments… Read More »