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6 Things Unhealed Trauma Makes Us Do

Trauma can be a very difficult thing to deal with because it makes us feel overwhelmed and helpless. Have you ever had a traumatic experience before? Trauma is more than just life-or-death situations. Aside from all the accidents and natural disasters we see on the news, trauma can come from experiences of violence, bullying, assault,… Read More »

7 Signs Of Unhealed Relationship Trauma

Unhealed relationship trauma is far deeper than you being relationship-challenged. The difference between trauma and stressful situations is subtle but important. Stressful situations end and leave fewer exit wounds than in traumatic situations. A traumatic situation involves a great deal of fear, terror, and powerlessness. The stress involved in a traumatic situation tends to be… Read More »

5 Ways Unhealed Trauma Affects Us

Unhealed trauma can affect our brain and lives in many ways and unfortunately will not die down on its own. After a traumatic event, it is important to work on the necessary healing from our emotional trauma. But before we can heal, we have to be aware of how our trauma is affecting us so… Read More »

What is Posttraumatic Slave Syndrome and how a legacy of unhealed trauma impacts African-Americans?

#trauma #posttraumaticslavesyndrome #survivorsguidetolife Hi y’all this video is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while and it’s dissecting Dr. Joy Degruy’s Posttraumatic Slave Syndrome. Dr. Degruy’s theory is that African-Americans, with the legacy of slavery, have unhealed trauma that has been passed down through social learning theory and epigenetics generational and explains a… Read More »