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Harry and Jon Bon Jovi at Abbey Road studios

(28 Feb 2020) HARRY AND JON BON JOVI AT ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS Prince Harry joined Jon Bon Jovi at Abbey Road Studios in London on Friday (28 FEB. 2020) as the singer recorded a charity single to support the foundation that oversees the Invictus Games – a multinational sports event for sick and injured servicemen.… Read More »

Duke of Sussex, Jon Bon Jovi pose on Abbey Road crossing with members of Invictus Games Choir

(28 Feb 2020) DUKE OF SUSSEX, JON BON JOVI POSE ON ABBEY ROAD CROSSING WITH MEMBERS OF INVICTUS GAMES CHOIR Prince Harry posed for photos on the crossing outside Abbey Road Studios in London, Friday (28 FEBRUARY 2020), joining Jon Bon Jovi and two members of the Invictus Games Choir in a nod to the… Read More »

How to Solve the Stress Epidemic | Dr Angela Armstrong | TEDxLeamingtonSpa

Providing practical tips for surviving and thriving in corporate life. Dr Angela Armstrong shares her experience of burning out, bouncing back and changing workplace culture one conversation at a time. Dr Angela Armstrong is an independent leadership development specialist. She previously delivered national and global transformational change programmes on behalf of a major consulting firm… Read More »

Who gets post-traumatic stress disorder?

Call +44 (0)203 890 3495 for an appointment for online consultation with ***Dr Chi-Chi Obuaya, Consultant Psychiatrist*** Alternatively, click here to book an appointment via email for online consultation: ******* https://www.myhealthspecialist.com/patient/specialist/11788/Dr Chi-Chi Obuaya ****** Psychiatry-UK: Psychiatric diagnosis and therapist referrals for UK residents by NHS registered consultants – online video or telephone consultations – 100%… Read More »

D-Day still takes emotional toll on veterans

(30 May 2019) With the 75th Anniversary of the D-Day landings fast approaching, several veterans gathered at Southwick House in Portsmouth, the place from where the invasion, codenamed Operation Neptune, was planned and launched, to remember the day that changed their lives forever. Southwick House was the forward headquarters of the allied forces preparing for… Read More »

Harry and Meghan attend Endeavour Fund awards

(8 Feb 2019) The Duke and Duchess of Sussex on Thursday handed out awards at a London event celebrating the accomplishments of wounded veterans who have gone on to participate in sporting and adventure challenges despite their injuries. The heavily pregnant duchess presented an Endeavour Fund Award to Nathan Forster, a former soldier of the… Read More »

Former British prisoner Victor Gregg, 99, on why Dresden should never be forgotten | ITV News

Prisoner of war Victor Gregg was waiting to be shot dead when British bombs dropped on February 13th 1945 in Dresden. Instead, he stayed alive to witness the full horrors of the Allied-ordered napalm attack which roasted to death 25,000 in the German city. At 99, the former British soldier can still see the Dresden… Read More »

Harry and Meghan attend Endeavour Fund awards

(8 Feb 2019) RESTRICTION SUMMARY: AP CLIENTS ONLY UK POOL – AP CLIENTS ONLY London – 7 February 2019 1. Wide of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex getting on stage to present an Endeavour Fund Award ++SHOT CONTINUES INTO NEXT++ 2. SOUNDBITE: (English) Meghan, Duchess of Sussex: “Thank you so much. Can I first just say… Read More »

The United Kingdom Needs to Change Their Priories

Many brave Men and Women who serve this great nation, who go through rigorous training often times coming home missing limbs or with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other types of mental and physical health issues are often left to deal with those issues alone and we need to fix this. Stand up and… Read More »

PTSD Treatment Birmingham Soldier Now Happy 1 Week After NLP For PTSD

PTSD treatment 1 week on former Birmingham soldier. Click for more FREE help here; http://www.debbiewilliams.co.uk/ptsd_or_post_traumatic_stress_disorder_nlp_can_help.htm Craig Burgess talks about the changes in his PTSD post traumatic stress disorder and how all the nightmares and flashbacks have stopped after just one session with Birmingham NLP hypnotherapist Debbie Williams. Get a free hypnosis recording Stop worrying and… Read More »