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The REAL Truth Behind Saweetie's 2018 Freestyle + EITM Addresses PTSD Comments

Ebro in the Morning addresses Saweetie’s comments in a recent Cosmopolitan issue in which the artist addressed her now infamous 2018 interview and freestyle, and how the response resulting from it gave her PTSD. Ebro, Laura Stylez & Rosenberg also share the truth behind the interview and their feelings towards it. #EbrointheMorning #Hot97 #Saweetie SUBSCRIBE:… Read More »

Woman Lost Legs In Train Accident Gets New Prosthetic Legs

#LegAmputee #Colorado #iLM A woman who lost her legs in a terrible accident is getting her legs prosthetic. . Mandy Horvath had to have both of her legs amputated when she was 21 after she left a bar where she believes a date rape drug was slipped into one of her drinks. . She passed… Read More »