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Episode #2 | Applying for Government Jobs, VA’s Clothing Allowance & More

We at theSITREP apologize for this episode being delayed. A member of our team had emergency leave for a family issue and it greatly delayed our ability to get this to you at the planned time. We will continue doing our best to bring you valuable content, on-time, regarding the benefits that you or a… Read More »

Boston Veterans' Administration Disability Claims – PTSD in the Military

http://www.veteransbenefits.com/index.php/common_veterans_claims/#PTSD If you are veteran or have a loved one that is a veteran and has experience symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), we encourage you to call our office and find out if you might be eligible for Veterans Disability Benefits and compensation. Source: Youtube

After private companies turned him down Chuck was able to get VA life insurance.

With post-traumatic stress disorder stemming from his 30 years in the military, Chuck was turned down by several private life insurance companies. Explore VA benefits and apply today at www.VA.gov. Source: Youtube

Combat Veterans Revealing Powerful Details About Their VA Disability Ratings

✔️Join VA Claims Insider Elite, get instant access to the ELITE Experience Portal (EEP) and $7,500 worth of proprietary VA claim resources TODAY, and obtain a VA DBQ and Medical Nexus Letters: http://www.vaclaimsinsiderelite.com 🎯 Veterans, watch my free webinar training here: http://www.vaclaimsinsidersecrets.com We are combat veterans that suffer from PTSD. We both have a 70%… Read More »


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My Boyfriend was just denied Disability Benefits for PTSD by the VA – PLEASE SHARE

I am normally a very private person, but this is something I cannot be silent on. Please, if you support veterans, share this video. I am normally a very private person, but this is something I cannot be silent on. Please, if you support veterans, share this video. Jon and other veterans should not be… Read More »

What it Takes to Prove a PTSD Claim for VA Benefits

http://www.seankendalllaw.net/ Do you suffer from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) due to a traumatic event that occurred during your time in the service? If you do, you may have a VA claim. A veterans attorney explains in this video more about these types of claims and how to prove your claim for PTSD. In order… Read More »

VA Disability Claims – Service-Connected PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder is rampant among veterans. The VA’s own inspector general found a claims error rate of 38%.That means by even the VA’s own estimates they make mistakes in almost 4 out of 10 benefits claims cases. The information in this video is provided to help you improve your chances of getting your VA… Read More »