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Veteran Coaches Discuss Non-Combat PTSD, SSD and Waiting Years After Service to File a Claim

Veterans, want to learn about non-combat PTSD and SSD? DP here, Veteran Master Coach from VA Claims Insider, and today, I’m here with my fellow veteran coaches to talk to you about non-combat PTSD, SSD, and waiting years after service to file a claim! Hosts: VMC DP, VCs Tyrone Brown, Sean Gavitt, and Brian Lofton… Read More »

Top 5 BEST Ways to IMPROVE Your VA PTSD Claim in 2020 (NEW TIPS!)

Veterans, want to learn how to WIN your VA PTSD claim and potentially get a HIGHER VA disability rating for PTSD, even if you’ve already been denied? Brian Reese here from VA Claims Insider, and today, I’m going to teach you the 5 best ways to improve your VA disability claim for PTSD in 2020.… Read More »

Veterans, PTSD and Cannabis

Conversation at the Emerald Cup, December 2019. Jose Belen, Mission Zero Laurance Gaines, Rey’s Cannabis Rion Naus, Central Coast Let it Grow Jose Belen is a decorated United States Army Veteran who served two concurrent combat tours of duty during Operation Iraqi Freedom. A native of Amsterdam in Upstate New York, nineteen-year-old Jose enlisted after… Read More »

The Impact of COVID-19 on Veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress

Join Dr. David Shulkin as he leads a Town Hall with experts from Veterans Service Organizations and clinical leaders. This discussion will focus on how we can collaborate to help Veterans suffering from PTSD and other mental health issues during and after the pandemic. • Better understand the immediate and prolonged impact of social isolation… Read More »

Do I have PTSD or is this just my military training? With Dr. Harry McCleary

PTSD (Posttraumatic stress disorder) can be a difficult and debilitating disorder for many Veterans. In this video Dr. Harry McCleary, licensed clinical psychologist and Navy Veteran, answers a common question: Is this PTSD or is this just my military training? Military training often focuses of attention to detail and being vigilant in stressful environments, but… Read More »

PTSD and CBD || A Safe Alternative (learn from a Veteran) +VA Policy on Medical Cannabis (Marijuana)

Veterans and those needing treatment for PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can learn more about CBD and medical Cannabis. The VA has recently changed its policy on veterans using medical marijuana and CBD products. Learn more about CBD as an alternative to PTSD medications https://www.md.l5cbd.com. Click below to see more ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ 📝Read about the… Read More »

PTSD summed up in 2 minutes with Dr. Harry McCleary (clinical psychologist and Navy Veteran)

Posttraumatic stress disorder is broken down by Dr. Harry McCleary in two minutes. Dr. McCleary is a licensed clinical psychologist and Navy Veteran. His channel is dedicated to education Veterans, service members and their families about PTSD and mental health. PTSD is a PROLONGED REACTION to a TRAUMA. ?sub_confirmation=1 Click the subscribe button and the… Read More »

'Nothing Real' PTSD PSA Music Video by CoMMoVe (full version)

Music Video for ‘Nothing Real’ by CoMMoVe (Full PTSD). Global Music Award Winner and Accolade Award Winner. Directed by Reed Simonsen / Written by Cameron Kinsey https://www.facebook.com/CoMMoVeRoCK Veterans Crisis Line 1.800.273.8255 VA Combat Call Center 1.800.927.1070 Pat Donahoe – Guitars Sean Rennau- Vocals Trevor Lutz – Bass Mike Graziano – Percussion Starring: Robert S. Martin… Read More »

Julie Graham, Director, Vet Center, Elkton, MD – Vet center series (1 of 4)

Vet Centers are making a difference in the lives of Veterans and their families. They are community-based counseling centers that provide a wide range of counseling, outreach and referral services to eligible Veterans, active duty service members and their families. Vet Center staff guide men and women through challenges that often occur after individuals return… Read More »

The BEST Way to Increase Your VA Disability Benefits for PTSD

✔️Veterans, in this video I will explain the best way to Increase Your VA Disability Benefits for PTSD! 👇🏻Timestamps & Links👇🏻 ⏩1:28 The BEST Way to Increase Your VA Disability Benefits for PTSD ⏩1:57 VA Form 21-4138 Statement in Support of a Claim ⏩4:30 VA PTSD Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ) Review ⏩5:26 ICD codes for… Read More »

Mental Health After The Military (PTSD, Depression, Anxiety)

Mental Health After The Military (PTSD, Depression, Anxiety) Living with PTSD, depression and anxiety after the military is common for so many Veterans. What many do not understand is the importance of mental health to live a healthy life. Do you suffer with depression, anxiety, outburst of anger, are hyper vigilant, closed off and secluded… Read More »