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Today we’re talking about SERVICE CONNECTION. When we talk about service-connecting a medical condition, disease, injury or illness to military service, we are talking about proving the relationship between the two. 1) Direct Service Connection 2) Service Connection by Aggravation 3) Presumptive Service Connection 4) Secondary Service Connection 5) Service Connection due to Injury Caused… Read More »

#SE2E2+ Cannabis Use and PTSD among Veterans

Cannabis use for medical conditions is an issue of growing concern. Some Veterans use marijuana to relieve symptoms of PTSD and several states specifically approve the use of medical marijuana for PTSD. However, controlled studies have not been conducted to evaluate the safety or effectiveness of medical marijuana for PTSD. Thus, there is no evidence… Read More »

About PTSD treatment: "I've been through it." Veteran Harold "Bud" Smith

Harold “Bud” Smith, US Air Force, (1959 – 1962) “I’ve got a life today that I’m very happy with.” Learn more about PTSD from Bud Smith and other Veterans who’ve been there: http://www.ptsd.va.gov/AboutFace Source: Youtube

Working for women veterans with PTSD

Recently Senator Warner met with women veterans in Hampton and Richmond to discuss the recent release of a study that showed women are much more likely than male veterans to be denied care for PTSD. In 2009, Senator Warner successfully amended a defense appropriations bill to direct the V-A inspector general to examine the gender… Read More »

Post-Traumatic Headache in Veterans

Veterans are a patient population who is particularly susceptible to post-traumatic headache (PTH) and confusion about how to get the best care available. There is a growing body of knowledge and research, but with many more veterans than headache specialists, it is common for these patients to go untreated. Dr. Alan Finkel, Neurologist, a military… Read More »

Introduction to the PTSD Family Coach app

PTSD Family Coach is a free and publicly available mobile app for family members of people with posttraumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. It was created by a team at the National Center for PTSD, Department of Veterans Affairs. This app provides users with education about PTSD, tools to help manage stress levels for the family… Read More »

PTSD and Financial Crisis

Finances are always tricky. But more often than now in veteran’s with PTSD it’s a critical issue. While finances is a leading contributor to suicide in all demographics, it often hits hard in the veteran community, and even harder when it spirals out of control as the result of circumstances that are well beyond our… Read More »