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#SE4E8 PTSD rating scale

Most veterans are in the dark about how the VA actually determines a rating for PTSD. If a veteran is granted a service-connected disability for PTSD the VA will assign a rating based on the current severity of the symptoms (not on the severity of the stressful event). The VA actually has published regulations on… Read More »

Episode #2 | Applying for Government Jobs, VA’s Clothing Allowance & More

We at theSITREP apologize for this episode being delayed. A member of our team had emergency leave for a family issue and it greatly delayed our ability to get this to you at the planned time. We will continue doing our best to bring you valuable content, on-time, regarding the benefits that you or a… Read More »

VA Disability Claims | Law Offices of Peter S Cameron APC | Veteran Appeals

https://veteranappeal.com (800) 861-7262 Law Offices of Peter S. Cameron, APC. Veteran Appeal https://www.veteranappeal.com/va-disability-claims PTSD VA Disability Claims Requirements: Why You May Have Been Denied In terms of VA disability claims, pretty much everyone gets denied, regardless of the merits of the claim. The Veterans Administration has a limited amount of money and a lot of… Read More »

Learn About PTSD Emotional Avoidance and Why It Doesn’t Work

Veterans who suffer severe emotional trauma during their military service may return home and develop post-traumatic stress disorder. This medical condition occurs when a person has difficulty recovering after they witness or experience a life-threatening, traumatic event. Because military service personnel face extreme combat situations and dangerous environments, they are at a far greater risk… Read More »

3 Ways VA Services Can Help Iraq War Veterans with PTSD Find Employment

As many as one in every five service members returning from Iraq and Afghanistan experience symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. PTSD is a condition that may cause nightmares, hallucinations, paranoia, and an inability to interact with others. These symptoms not only make daily life difficult, they can make it extremely stressful or even impossible to… Read More »