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Dr Lisle & I discuss the psychological benefits of eating plants, food addiction & how to break free

Dr. Doug Lisle, Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, and I discuss many topics that plague our society today. We discuss how to break free of eating addictions and disorders, effective ways to do this and so much more in his area of expertise- psychology. Dr. Lisle has worked on the research staff at the Department of… Read More »


Surviving any form of trauma can be a difficult thing to do, but in the case of a covert narcissistic parent, it can be even trickier to muddle through, especially since you may not even be fully aware of the abuse you’re experiencing or have experienced. Life can turn into a series of triggers and… Read More »

PTSD Brought This Veteran Closer To The Plight Of Animals

After 27 months in Afghanistan, Army veteran Tom returned home to Minnesota with PTSD, acute feelings of empathy towards animals, and an enhanced sense of patriotic duty to speak up for others. He found peace and purpose by going vegan. All across the United States, people are transforming their lives with a plant-based diet. They… Read More »

Day 0 plant base

Veteran want to bring awareness to Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression. By challenging himself to working out and eat a plant base diet six days week for one year. It is his belief that by opening up his life and showing his struggle, failure and success on his journey self-improvement. It will inspire… Read More »

plant base diet for one year (day one)

Combat Veteran want to bring awareness to veteran suffering from war caused post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)and suicide. By going on a plant base diet for one year and incorporating a working six days a week workout problem in hope to show other veterans that there is always a better option then suffering and with… Read More »

Change your Diet to heal Past Trauma. Healing Depression & PTSD with Raw Foods.

Instagram @selenefruitwanderer Using DIET to heal past trauma. Healing ptsd and depression with raw foods. https://youtu.be/mxsKuqFa6rU Yes, I have Borderline personality disorder. And bipolar disorder. https://youtu.be/HVu8A7bulrU Why it’s easy for me to stay raw vegan fruitarian https://youtu.be/GPopGUzcp9o I’m the one who’s addicted. Battling crazy mood swings. https://youtu.be/TNIxTkXdEzg Cooked food is an ADDICTION. You have to… Read More »


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Ariana Grande's Brain & PTSD. Trump To Eradicate HIV. 50 Year Olds With 25 Year Olds Brain.

D’s Threes Episode-53 www.drdsmedicalnewsreviews.com www.patreon.com/tdeutsch Dr. D reads and gives opinionated commentary on the following science, health or medical headlines from around the world, “Did PTSD change Ariana Grande’s Brain?, “The wrong way to eradicate HIV President Trump wants to end the epidemic. So why is he cutting funds to front line clinics,” and “Neuroscience… Read More »

How I Live A Full Life With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder And How You Can Too

I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which is accompanied with depression, anxiety, nightmares, flashbacks, sensitivity to noise, and memory loss. When I was first diagnosed I had no idea what was going on. I didn’t know how to handle it or how my life would change. I felt weak and useless. With time and… Read More »

Normalized PTSD

We often compare ourselves to each other rather than an ideal reality. We should escape this loop that manifests into normalized suffering. Explore the idea in depth in the podcast about this topic! I discuss how coping mechanisms that reduce our awareness are removed during the psychedelic experience, which can help treat PTSD, but also… Read More »