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Service Connecting VA Disabilities for Oil Well Fires | VA Disability Lawyers | PTSD Lawyers

Over 650 oil well fires were lit by the retreating Iraqi Army 30 years ago. To this day, researchers, doctors, and the VA do not understand the complete damage done to Veterans by these oil well fires. However, that does not mean you cannot get service connection for oil well fires and the disabilities they… Read More »

Iwo Jima Anniversary – February 19, 1945 | PTSD Lawyers

On February 19, 1945, US Marines and Sailors began the battle of Iwo Jima. At 0900 the first of 70,000 Marines and Sailors hit the beach at Iwo Jima, facing approximately 21,000 dug in Japanese. The famous flag raising photo by Joe Rosenthal took place 4 days after the beginning of the attack. The attack… Read More »

| PTSD Lawyers

Stephanie Costello is a Veterans disability lawyer at Berry Law, helping Veterans in their fight for disability benefits. Watch the video to learn more about how Stephanie helps Veterans receive the disability compensation they deserve. To learn more about Berry Law, visit: ptsdlawyers.com — BERRY LAW – AMERICA’S VETERANS LAW FIRM 888-883-2483 Home https://www.facebook.com/jsberrylaw/ Tweets… Read More »