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Gene Vance Jr. Foundation: A NATIONAL CRISIS – Suicide, PTSD and TBI

IN THE NEXT 90 MINUTES…HELP PREVENT A VETERAN SUICIDE NOW Gene Vance Jr. Foundation Operation Total Restoration – The Case for Restorative Justice Part (2): The Real Life Psychological Effects of Protecting Community and Defending Our Way of Life. A National Crisis – Veteran Suicide, PTSD and TBI (Part 1): The Dangerous Job of Protecting… Read More »

Veteran Suicide Mental Health Discussion

This is a Video that needed to be done, in this video, we talk about the very serious mental health issues that veterans face. the veteran suicide rate has gone up, and veteran suicide awareness and suicide prevention have become a taking point we can no longer avoid. We tackle this mental health discussion from… Read More »

PTSD The Story of My Life – VeteransVLOG

This is my story of cuts and scars living with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Its not the whole story but I feel its enough for right now. If you would like for me to speak more on my story. Let me know in the comments box or email me directly. I also have a Facebook,… Read More »

Unprescribed | Official Trailer [HD] | Allegiance Films

For many, the nightmare doesn’t end after returning from combat. Unprescribed examines the over-medication of combat veterans and the fight for alternative treatments. This upcoming documentary explores the use of medical marijuana for treating PTSD and as a means for combating veteran suicides. Source: Youtube

Trying to Find My Way Home (Music Video)

Did you know that veterans can get a free copy of Jason Moon’s CD “Trying to Find My Way Home”. Just send a note with a mailing address to info@warriorsongs.org Paul Schmidt was the films producer, director, cinematographer, editor. He commented, “The concept of the film was to take the song and present it in… Read More »

Robin Engholm’s Story | Maluna Combat 22

Robin Engholm joined the U.S. Air Force fresh out of high school. Like thousands of veterans and those who serve, she battles post traumatic stress and has lost friends to suicide. A lot of people think PTS only affects those who see active duty or that it affects more men than women. For Robin, it… Read More »