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Chad Robichaux, founder of The Mighty Oaks Foundation – a faith-based Veteran service organization that teaches combat Veterans struggling with Post Traumatic Stress how to get beyond combat trauma and live their lives in the manner God intended – spoke with Dad Talk Today about his organization and issues facing our servicemen and women and… Read More »

PTSD and the Forgotten Soldiers

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) impacts our veterans at too far of a rate to be ignoring their suffering. Unfortunately, because of a lack of resources and existing stigma, many of our soldiers hold their mental wounds inside. My son, a veteran, took his own life at the end of 2014. In this video, I talk… Read More »

Army veteran calls for access to legal cannabis to help treat PTSD | ABC News

The horror of war doesn’t stop when soldiers return home, with many suffering mental health issues including post-traumatic stress disorder. Over the past two decades there have been at least 400 suicides among Australian veterans. Today, a veteran of two tours of Afghanistan is making an impassioned plea for government support to use medicinal cannabis… Read More »

Veterans with PTSD learn to process emotions with family through Warrior to Soul Mate program

Veterans with PTSD are learning skills to process emotions with loved ones to reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety and strengthen life saving relationships with family, friends, and social supports. The grassroots educational training program was launched by U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs chaplains and social workers at the Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center in… Read More »

Ketamine for PTSD – Jason – US Army Veteran, Afghanistan – Klarisana

Jason is a US Army Veteran who served in Afghanistan with the 20th Engineer Brigade. Like many Veterans, he had multiple experiences with mortar and rocket attacks as well as significant time outside the wire on convoys. In this video he shares his story of the challenges he had with coming home and trying to… Read More »

Bravo Alpha Initiative – Catalyst

A video explaining the origins and defining what the Bravo Alpha initiative which is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization that supports Veterans and First Responders in their efforts to recover from Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) and Self Destructive Actions (SDA). Find out more by visiting them online at: https://bravoalpha.org/ Source: Youtube

The Truth About PTSD with Daryl Hill

Daryl Hill is a Marine Corps Veteran and US Naval Academy Graduate. Unfortunately, PTSD and suicide are two of the most commonly associated words with the US military veteran community. They are problems that have plagued us since the beginning of the Global War on Terror. But many people have misconceptions about both of these… Read More »

'Wind Therapy' and the veterans helping fight PTSD one Harley journey at a time

“I’ve been to more funerals since I’ve been to Dallas than I’ve been to my entire life,” Marine veteran and 22Kill member Joe Stazione said. “If that puts anything into perspective for you.” Their lives, dedicated to helping veterans battle Post Traumatic Stress and the difficulties of adjusting back into civilian life, also include the… Read More »

Veteran PTSD Help

I visited Hillenglade Farm in Tennessee to get an up-close introduction to their Equine Therapy program for veterans with PTSD. My brother took his own life 3 years ago, one week before Christmas, after suffering severe PTSD from deployments in Afghanistan. Equine Therapy is part of my 3-step plan, as a 2020 Senate Candidate, to… Read More »

Veteran Healed from PTSD, TBI, Suicidal Thoughts and Wounds

A testimony of a veteran healed of PTSD, TBI, suicidal thoughts and wounds. Matthew was a combat engineer in Afghanistan in 2009 doing route clearance when He was wounded in combat. Since then He suffered from PTSD, embedded shrapnel and other injuries. Jesus Christ and the Spirit of God delivered Him from the PTSD and… Read More »

Gene Vance Jr. Foundation: A NATIONAL CRISIS – Suicide, PTSD and TBI

IN THE NEXT 90 MINUTES…HELP PREVENT A VETERAN SUICIDE NOW Gene Vance Jr. Foundation Operation Total Restoration – The Case for Restorative Justice Part (2): The Real Life Psychological Effects of Protecting Community and Defending Our Way of Life. A National Crisis – Veteran Suicide, PTSD and TBI (Part 1): The Dangerous Job of Protecting… Read More »