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Veteran Recovers from PTSD, memory issues , Depression and Anxiety

This veteran tells his story of recovery from PTSD, memory issues and more through neurofeeback and cold laser therapy at Clear Mind Center of Idaho in Meridian, Idaho with Dr Jon M Harmon. Source: Youtube

Understanding and Helping PTSD

We are still learning every day about what Post Traumatic Stress is and what we can do to help those that suffer. After years of dealing with PTSD, and a TON of trial and error with myself, as well as relentless study and drive to help others. I have learned quite a bit. Not just… Read More »

Treating Chronic PTSD in Vietnam Vets Video

Watch the full video at: visit https://www.psychotherapy.net/video/ptsd Watch renowned psychiatrist and PTSD expert Frank Ochberg work with a Vietnam veteran who has struggled with his chronic PTSD for 40 years. The full video includes commentary by therapist and patient, as well as demonstrations of the Counting Method and Color Wheel techniques. Source: Youtube

Psychotherapy for Chronic PTSD Video

Watch the full video at: http://www.psychotherapy.net/video/ptsd Watch PTSD expert, Frank Ochberg, MD, works with his actual client Terry, a Vietnam veteran who suffered from PTSD for 40 years using The Counting Method. Source: Youtube

PTSD vs. DMT Ayahuasca Retreat Intro.

This is my first YouTube video I am a medically Retired Veteran with 22 years of active duty service in 3 different branches. I have PTSD and am on the road to healing with alternative medicine in Peru. Thanks to Jesse Gould at Heroic Heats Project and Arkana Spiritual Center in Peru. I am going… Read More »

My Daddy Has PTSD (Casey Sean Harmon)

Disclaimer: I myself am a disabled combat veteran who scored himself some post traumatic stress and a traumatic brain injury from my time in Iraq. This audiobook version is full of triggers so I don’t want to read any shit about how great it would be without the booms and the bangs. This is my… Read More »

PTSD in Older Veterans

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a common condition in Veterans. Seemingly benign triggers can exacerbate the symptoms of PTSD. In the presence of age related changes, these triggers can present in unusual and difficult to interpret ways. The video was created to help caregivers of older Veterans with PTSD understand the triggers and address the… Read More »

911 calls made after veteran shot himself on Facebook Live

An army veteran who was thought to be suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder executed himself on Facebook live after murdering a 5-year-old boy and seriously wounding his girlfriend on Friday. Jovonie Mclendon Jr., 33, died from a self-inflicted gun-shot wound to the head on February 3rd. Concerned family members dialed 911 to tell police Mclendon… Read More »

Vigilante Cares

At Vigilante Cares, our mission is to help veterans dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress-Disorder (PTSD). ​ We believe flying drones is one way many veterans can find relief from the symptoms of PTSD. Our approach is two-fold. ​ First, we bring veterans and drones together. Experiencing flying above the world and escaping the troubles below help… Read More »

song about ptsd..

This is a song my sister wrote a couple years ago. Its easy to forget or not realize other peoples pain. So take a moment today to tell someone you love them 🙂 Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yowl.c/ Lyrics: Sleep is my own place where Demons come to chase me The pain is not obvious… Read More »