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Is It PTSD? Signs + Symptoms Veterans Should Look Out For | HealthiNation

While post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, may take years or even decades to appear, people who have experienced a traumatic event may notice some mood changes right away. We asked Amanda M. Spray, PhD, a psychologist at NYU Langone Health who specializes in treating veterans, to detail common signs of PTSD. Learn more: https://bit.ly/VeteranSignsPTSD SUBSCRIBE… Read More »

Healing PTSD Stamp Ceremony in Charlotte, NC

Chuck Denny talks about GArland Denny’s decade long mission to create the healing PTSD Stamp that will raise funds for the Veterans Administration to Help Heal PTSD. Garland Denny’s vision was to unify America by working together to help our Veterans. Garland passed away before the stamp became a reality. Visit www.USPS.com/shop and look for… Read More »

How common is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder? | Jackson & MacNichol

Jackson & MacNichol Attorneys at Law 800-524-3339 http://www.VeteransBenefits.com Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is much more widely spread than many acknowledge. Research indicates that various persons that served in combat situations have a 20% chance of developing serious PTSD. Depending on the study and population looked at, the numbers vary from 10 to 30%, but typically about… Read More »

Why Does U.S. Senator Richard Burr Want to INCREASE the Chance that Veterans Will Commit Suicide?

Veterans account for about 20 percent of suicides in the United States. In recent years, the rate for veterans has risen as a result of post-traumatic stress disorder caused by combat. Every study ever done shows exposure to firearms dramatically increases the risk of suicide. Yet, Senator Richard Burr wants to restrict information that the… Read More »

Military veterans helping each other cope with mental illnesses

Military veterans are working together to help each other cope with post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and substance abuse — and they’re sharing their stories in an effort to help others. The 11 News I-Team recently intervened on behalf of a troubled Vietnam-era veteran who was feeling helpless and ready to give up. A phone call… Read More »

Funding Plea from a Vet Tired of Seeing Veterans Mistreated

I am a Veterans’ Advocate and I need your help. I am an USAF/NSA Veteran who was trained in Intelligence Operations who wants to use those specialized skills to assist Veterans. I suffer from Service-Connected Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and am in the middle of a fight with the VA over disability In the meantime, I… Read More »

PTSD Therapy for Veterans

An estimated 500,000 veterans are suffering from PTSD.Several new therapy protocols from virtual reality therapy to marijuana and psychedelics like MDMA are being tested by the FDA.Correspondent Mike Cerre profiles several Marines he was embedded with in Iraq to see how they are battling this legacy of war. Source: Youtube

PTSD Support "Our Time, Our Turn" Ann M. Wolf – Because losing one, is one too many.

It is “Our Time & Our Turn” to offer our support to our veterans & 1st-responders who are in recovery from service-related injuries. Ann M. Wolf narrates a moving message about the anguish which our soldiers & 1st-responders often endure, whether physical, mental, or emotional, as a result of serving in harm’s way. The opening… Read More »

Working for women veterans with PTSD

Recently Senator Warner met with women veterans in Hampton and Richmond to discuss the recent release of a study that showed women are much more likely than male veterans to be denied care for PTSD. In 2009, Senator Warner successfully amended a defense appropriations bill to direct the V-A inspector general to examine the gender… Read More »

PTSD Treatment: EMDR Therapy + The VA

Pam Saulsby reports on a treatment option for military veterans who are diagnosed with PTSD or TBI. It is not a top tier treatment for the VA. The story includes interviews with a veteran and a clinician who wish that it were. They prove results are amazing. The video is dedicated to military veteran and… Read More »