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A New Approach To Combating PTSD In Veterans | A Jerry Springer Interview

A New Approach To Combating PTSD In Veterans | A Jerry Springer Interview. Jerry Springer Interviews the President of Operation Warrior Resolution (OWR), Kendra Simpkins on how OWR is transforming the way Veterans mental health is treated. Upon realizing the lack of effective therapies for PTSD, anxiety, depression and more, Kendra and her team created… Read More »

PTSD Service Dogs for Veterans

For Veteran’s living with PTSD returning to normal civilian life can be anything but normal. Learn about Believet and its program where man’s best friend, Dogs, can make all the difference in helping veteran’s cope and thrive. See how they are also trying to change how service dogs are recognized in the medical community. Believet… Read More »

A skin test after a traumatic event may identify those at risk of PTSD

https://www.newscientist.com/article/2189243-a-skin-test-after-a-traumatic-event-may-identify-those-at-risk-of-ptsd/ By Clare Wilson. Only some people who go through a traumatic event get post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but for those who do, the condition can be devastating. A quick skin test could help spot those most at risk so they can be given support earlier. Source: Youtube

Holiday cheer? Not so easy for a veteran living with PTSD

http://news.wbfo.org/post/holiday-cheer-not-so-easy-veteran-living-ptsd During the Holidays, people are encouraged to be merry. But for many, the opposite occurs and depression or other mental health issues rise to the surface. This is especially so for may veterans struggling with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. WBFO … Source: Youtube

Starz Western Channel Audie Murphy Veterans Day Trailer 2018

Synopsis Born in Texas on June 20, 1925, Audie Murphy eventually became the most decorated U.S. soldier in World War II. Though he was only 21 years old at the end of the war, he had killed 240 German soldiers, had been wounded three times, and had earned 33 awards and medals. After the war,… Read More »

CBS 12 (WPEC): Helping Heroes in Crisis with PTSD Treatment

After returning home from deployment in Iraq, Ambrosia Treatment Center’s Jerry Haffey Jr. spent years working with a therapist to overcome his PTSD symptoms. Today, he testifies that his struggle with PTSD only got better through treatment and a decision to remain positive. Jerry and Ambrosia Treatment Center are committed to providing the best addiction… Read More »

General’s War On PTSD & Suicide

General Peter Chiarelli served for 40 years in the army and retired as the second highest ranking Army officer on active duty. Alarmed by the rate of both suicide and post traumatic stress injuries in the Army, he made it his mission to reduce this number and bring awareness and support. Currently, General Chiarelli is… Read More »

A Look at PTSD on Veteran’s Day

In light of Veteran’s Day, we also want to remember the mental toll that serving in the military can have including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which affects roughly 13 million people in the US at any given time. Watch for facts about PTSD and visit www.rethinkstigma.org to learn more. Source: Youtube

CRISIS: Veterans, mental health & the wounds we cannot see | psychology recovery & military

Pre-order My New Book Today! ARE YOU OK? http://bit.ly/2s0mULy Veteran’s Day is tomorrow; I wanted to take some time to talk about mental health and the issues that plague them. We all know that PTSD is an issue for all our veteran’s but what about homelessness, addiction, and suicide. The most staggering statistic I found… Read More »