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How To Use Mindfulness To Control PTSD Thoughts – PTSD Recovery Workshop: PTSD TV Episode #20

On this weeks PTSD Recovery Workshop Brad and I talk about mindfulness! There’s a lot going around on the internet nowadays about mindfulness, and it can be a bit confusing to know where to start. Today we breakdown the most important fundamental pieces of mindfulness and how you can bring it into your daily life.… Read More »

Taming The Voice Inside Your Head – PTSD Book Club: PTSD TV Episode #19

Today Brad and I talk about an AMAZING book, the Untethered Soul by Michael Singer! We are going to help you uncover layers of your mind that you never knew existed… Have you ever wondered how to stop the constant negative thinking that dominates your mind? Today we cover the core lessons to help you… Read More »

How To Create A Team Atmosphere: PTSD And Relationships – PTSD TV Episode #17

Welcome to PTSD Relationships! Today Brad and I talk about how to build an unstoppable team between you and your loved ones 🙂 If you’re having any sort of trouble with your PTSD and relationships then you need to listen to this. You get to see both partner’s perspectives, a completely unique point of view.… Read More »

America’s Deported Veterans: La Frontera

There are soldiers and marines that have served the United States even though they were not born in the country. Some of them entered the US by crossing the border illegally, but after being promised citizenship in exchange for their service, they enlisted. Some of them have risked their lives on the front lines in… Read More »

“Post Trump Stress Disorder” Minimizes The Actual Struggle Of REAL PTSD Survivors

Three veterans join Tom to discuss the reality of PTSD and what its like for REAL survivors. Gretchen Smith shares about her company Code Of Vets, which she uses to support struggling veterans all over the country. Retired Lt. General, John Sylvester, talks about the different forms of PTSD and where is started. Still haven’t… Read More »

Skrizzly Adams – Rain Falls (Acoustic)

Skrizzly Adams – Rain Falls (Acoustic) Found this on my computer a few days ago. Back in 2016 a handful of soldiers reached out saying my music helped them cope with post traumatic stress disorder. That inspired me to start writing a slew of songs about soldiers coming home from war; this is an acoustic… Read More »

PTSD: Time to Make a Change | Russell Davies

For more information check out: https://ptsdveteranathletes.com Russell Davies explains his story of how his outdoor lifestyle and journey though the military eventually lead to the creation of Professional Transformation Sports Development (PTSD,) a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to helping veterans find their own personal escape though extreme outdoor sports. Produced and directed by River Roots Source:… Read More »

Resolving Trauma in Psychotherapy with Peter Levine Video

Watch the full video at: http://www.psychotherapy.net/video/trauma-therapy-PTSD-peter-levine Dr. Peter A. Levine, demonstrate a course of body-oriented somatic trauma therapy in this extremely compelling and in-depth video with an Iraq Veteran diagnosed with severe PTSD. Source: Youtube

How to make every PTSD Meltdown a moment of Growth? – PTSD Motivation: PTSD TV Episode #14

Your “failures” are not failures… Mistakes are good! PTSD comes with a LOT of problems, but they are all problems that you HAVE to face! Today Brad and I talk about how to use these “failures” as fuel to help you get to the next level, and heal your PTSD. Resources: The Best PTSD Nightly… Read More »