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Amazing Crystal Energy Healing Colors Guided Meditation clears Aura,

This is an amazing Crystal blue Colors Meditation for Aura, and helps in healing body physical pain , disease, stress and anxiety, phobia, negative thoughts, Insomnia and discover calm state of mind. It helps you to let go negative thoughts and feel peaceful. You may share your concerns here. As colour Blue is the energy… Read More »

Awakening is painful- Anxiety, panic, depression, post traumatic stress disorder

How the Awakening process and Ascension journey can be arduous, it’s symptoms and how to work with them to minimise their effects _________________________________________ Great pools of energy are now reaching Earth due to an astrological alignment that began in 2012 and continues to affect us going forward. The energetic alignment of all the planets has… Read More »

PTSD: I thought I was fine, then I got triggered. Why?

Abraham Hicks Q & A: Regarding PTSD: We had an earthquake, I thought I was fine, and then I got triggered. Why? (Questioner:) “Okay I have one other question on a different subject: it’s called post-traumatic stress and the best example I can give is we had a significant earthquake in LA.” So let us… Read More »

Count Your Blessing Sound Bath

Sound healing is used to treat symptoms of a number of conditions, including: anxiety disorders depression post-traumatic stress disorder dementia autism and learning difficulties behavioral and psychiatric disorders cancer Some of the benefits of sound healing include: lowers stress decreases mood swings lowers blood pressure lowers cholesterol levels teaches pain management lowers risk for coronary… Read More »

Guided Meditation for PTSD – Sleep Hypnosis/ASMR

Welcome to a guided meditation for PTSD, which contains juicy asmr sounds (hypnotic asmr sounds, soothing audio, calming sounds, sleep whisper, leading you to a brain orgasm). Enjoy the healing vibrations of my voice, carefully mastered to perfection. I hope with this video to assist others looking for “power-tools” to help accelerate their personal evolution.… Read More »