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What Is PTSD? | Understanding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Effects On Mental Health

PTSD disrupts the lives of individuals. Dr Ryan goes through what PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), common symptoms, and common coping methods. ► Dr Ryan Gleeson on Social Media: https://www.instagram.com/dr.ryanglee… https://www.facebook.com/drryangleeson/ Home #drryangleeson ► Subscribe and hit the bell to see a new video each Tuesday: https://youtube.com/drryangleeson/ All Rights Reserved. Copyright, Liability Waiver and Disclaimers Disclaimer:… Read More »

The Right View | Ep.1 | PTSD, Veterans & Migrants. #DiscussionsThatMatter

Tonight we launch #TheRightView, which has been created so we can discuss the most important topics currently being discussed around the UK. The topics being discussed this evening will be #PTSD, #Veterans & #Migrants. Also joining us are guests who have first hand experience in these topics. We will also be joined by Jack Dawkins,… Read More »