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In Lebanon, Israeli warplanes terrify a traumatised population

Violation of Lebanese airspace by low-flying Israeli jets brings back memories of the deadly explosion at Beirut’s port. Beirut, Lebanon – Over the last month, Israeli jets have carried out some of their biggest air raids yet in Syria, apparently striking Iranian targets. It may have been the Lebanese next door, though, who trembled with… Read More »

Episode 20: What awaits Covid-19 Survivors

What awaits Covid-19 survivors? Everyone knows about the Covid-19 onset symptoms. But are you aware of the reported post Covid-19 symptoms from recovered patients? Regardless of severity including asymptomatic patients, recovered patients might suffer from residue effects of Covid-19 even after being free for Covid-19 virus. All in all, be vigilant at all times and… Read More »

Spotlight Silent Winds Healing Retreat Full Moon Fire Ceremony+ Collective Energy Reading

Join Lillian Carriere of Angelic Empowerment International Network Live , With Special Spotlight Guest, Marie Michel Provost as she demonstrates and discusses her teaching of The Full Moon Fire.. She will also explain a little about the star seed people.. With a 3 card draw for collective.. Then we will open the session for Q… Read More »

7 Different Anxiety Disorders

If you liked this video please like and subscribe! Please do not use this video to self-diagnose. If you can relate to most of the signs, we advise you to go to a qualified medical health professional for a proper diagnosis. Generalized anxiety disorder, also known as GAD, is the most common among anxiety disorders… Read More »

Karma; How We Behave Matters with Noah Levine

Dharma talk & 30-minute guided meditation with Noah Levine. This isn’t actually how karma works, but it’s what my father taught me, who was my first Dharma teacher. He said, “Just think about your karma as a karma savings and loan. We all have an account, and as you reflect on your life, think about… Read More »