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Treating Chronic PTSD in Vietnam Vets Video

Watch the full video at: visit https://www.psychotherapy.net/video/ptsd Watch renowned psychiatrist and PTSD expert Frank Ochberg work with a Vietnam veteran who has struggled with his chronic PTSD for 40 years. The full video includes commentary by therapist and patient, as well as demonstrations of the Counting Method and Color Wheel techniques. Source: Youtube

Psychotherapy for Chronic PTSD Video

Watch the full video at: http://www.psychotherapy.net/video/ptsd Watch PTSD expert, Frank Ochberg, MD, works with his actual client Terry, a Vietnam veteran who suffered from PTSD for 40 years using The Counting Method. Source: Youtube

PTSD – Interview with Tim Carter (part 5 of 5, made with Spreaker)

Source: Post traumatic stress disorder is normally associated with those who have been in combat. PTSD symptoms can appear in those who have been through any traumatic experience such as natural disasters, rape, combat, abuse and other factors. Tim Carter experienced the loss of a mother when he was 15, the loss of a 15… Read More »

TLBTV: The American Vision – “One for the Boys”

The American Vision – “One for the Boys” – With Special Guest – Author, Poet, Writer, etc…, Cathy Saint John Your Host: Bill Muckler Cathy Saint John is the author of One for the Boys, her first published book. Her late brother, a Canadian, who with his younger brother David, enlisted in the United States… Read More »

Vietnam Veteran Gary Price video 2

Night on the Mountain is a thrilling story of 4 GIs surrounded by NVA and Vietcong for 18 hours and making it out alive. MENU 0:06 Night On the Mountain 0:35 Recon & Ambush Team, LRP – Long Range Patrol 1:15 Tri-Quarter Area – Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Ho Chi Minh Trail 3:30 Equipment & Material… Read More »

How to become a friend with elephant (Elephant Ethical Experience in Thailand)

Do you know that, like the human being, elephants can also suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)? These sensitive souls need comfort rather than tragedy. Although they’ve been released from abusive situations and have found safety at the sanctuaries, they may show symptoms of PTSD long after. Therefore, when you have the chance to get… Read More »