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You may have been a victim or a witness to a major accident, natural calamity, injury, abuse or any kind of violence and suffered from #trauma. But days, months or even years later, if you continue to feel like you’re in that trauma and your entire life and relationships are affected, ask yourself whether you… Read More »

Dating Abuse/Violence in Teenagers

February is National Teen Dating Abuse/Violence Awareness month. Dating abuse is a controlling behaviour in which the girl/boyfriend uses to gain control over his/her partner. Teen dating violence (TDV) affects millions of teenagers globally and is a type of intimate partner violence that can happen in person and/or electronically e.g. sexting, posting sexual pictures without… Read More »


Good afternoon FFFG Fam!!! Sorry about the brief sound issue, we’re trying a new microphone. I hope you enjoy the content as PTSD is a very serious issue not just for ex-convicts but anyone who has suffered trauma in life. Much love and respect to you all!!! Email: joeyg818sfv@gmail.com Instagram: @joeyg818sfv Patreon: FREE FROM FETTERS… Read More »

Compassion Fatigue or Combat PTSD

On Both Sides Now, Bernadine Fox and Don Wright interview Dr. Paul Whitehead about cCombat PTSD. Paul works with military veterans, RCMP, and P.police Depts to provide psychological assistance for those who struggle with PTSD due to their exposure to violence and trauma. Source: Youtube

PTSD Awareness

The Link: http://www.myspace.com/ptsd_awareness Hey i made this video awhile back for Joanne the person who runs the myspace for PTSD Awareness, Ive uploaded this on my old account but i changed a few pics in this one LYRICS TO SONG: TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART (Bonnie Tyler ) Turnaround, every now and then I get… Read More »

Ms,Bigglesworth's Book on Bipolar & PTSD – CHECK IT OUT!!!!

Ms,Bigglesworth’s Book on Bipolar & PTSD – CHECK IT OUT!!!! Life in Distortion Book on – https://www.amazon.com/dp/170472595X ABOUT BOOK: WARNING: VULGAR LANGUAGE – A true story all about having and living with family that suffer from multiple illnesses. Readers will endure all the emotions felt during horrible times that the author suffered majority of her… Read More »

Speak. Signs of domestic violence are always there.

My name is Xanthe and I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I changed my name because my previous name became a trauma trigger. Painting symbolic abstracts helps me to process trauma and has been helping me to heal. I paint trauma in colour incorporate empowerment into my paintings. I… Read More »

part F of G-8/7/17"HAVE PTSD /TAKING ADVANTAGE/WANT TO REMEMBER" 3rd sx-part 4a_2394

“Why am I crying?“ ”the meds”. domestic violence abuse child children neglect violate ptsd pawn minimize surgery consent emergency assault battery covert felony  “OW! OMG I HAVE PTSD   STOP TAKING ADVANTAGE OF ME   I WANT TO REMEMBER” part 4a_2394 Source: Youtube