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Combat PTSD (A Raw look)

My name is Nathan and I am an U.S. Army Combat Veteran from the Iraq war. This is my first video I”m doing as a tester for whether I would like to share my life on Youtube. My focus will be on a Raw (uncut) look at Combat PTSD from a Veteran’s point of view.… Read More »

EXCLUSIVE – Iraq’s lost children: young victims of PTSD

Subscribe to France 24 now: http://f24.my/youtubeEN FRANCE 24 live news stream: all the latest news 24/7 http://f24.my/YTliveEN A young girl remembers the Islamic State (IS) group cutting off children’s faces. A boy recalls being tortured by the jihadists, who severed his fingers and murdered his father. As the battle against the IS group continues to… Read More »

War-Torn: The Story of “Dobie” Gillies (Vietnam War and PTSD Documentary)

War-Torn is a story of the life of Lynn Gillies. He joined the US Army at an early age and after serving for about 10 years, he became a helicopter pilot prior to being sent to Vietnam. During Vietnam, his heroic actions saved a group of US Marines, but he has lived with the traumatic… Read More »

Between Iraq and a Hard Place – PTSD and Suicides in Iraq

In August of 2009, No Kidding, Me Too!, Joe Pantoliano, Lisa Jay, and Dr. Bob Irvin from McLean Hospital went on the “Stomp The Stigma” tour for ten days in Iraq. They screened Joey’s documentary “No Kidding, Me 2!”, spoke about their experience with mental illness, and interviewed troops about the growing problem of suicides… Read More »

Their Promise A short film about ptsd and depression in veterans.

A short film about a returned serviceman who is plagued by PTSD. Written and Directed by: Kerryn Williams Cinematography: Justin Banks Produced by: Chris Osborne Assistant: Gary Brown Makeup: Felicia Clark and Jody Marie Cherry Starring: Beau Baker, Beau Wilson and Allyson Rodriguez Dedicated to my Uncle David. Source: Youtube

I filmed my ptsd episode

Earlier this week I massively dipped because of my Ptsd, I had a major episode because of this, for the first time ever I filmed my ptsd episode, I filmed it to show that I’m not a violent person. This is what a ptsd episode can look like. MERCHENDICE: https://www.zazzle.co.uk/lifewithlydi… FIRST EDITION OF BOOK 1… Read More »

Let There Be Light (1949, documentary)

Let There Be Light PMF 5019 File:Let There Be Light (1946).webm Directed by John Huston Produced by John Huston Written by John Huston Charles Kaufman Narrated by Walter Huston Music by Dmitri Tiomkin Cinematography Stanley Cortez John Doran Lloyd Fromm Joseph Jackman George Smith Edited by William H. Reynolds Gene Fowler Jr. Distributed by U.S.… Read More »