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Thoughts on PTSD and Psychological Trauma | Jordan Peterson

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Why do we make war? | Hector Garcia | TEDxSanAntonio

What are the causes of war? We have looked to economics, geography, culture, and politics for explanations. Still, after thousands of years, warfare remains as destructive and frightening—and its origins as perplexing—as ever. A good starting point is to ask if there is something common among those who engage in conflict. The answer is that… Read More »


I decided to let myself be vulnerable to speak about my experience with fireworks and how it triggers my PTSD. I tried to give you some insight on how it makes war veterans feel with sounds and videos. Thank you so much for watching. Source: Youtube

Juho – Dead Inside

Eighth song from my album War Inside Your Mind. Hope you enjoy it and remember to subscribe! Lyrics: (Verse 1) When you’re walking the street, and you hear those voices. They came to haunt you (again), you can’t walk in peace. (Pre-Chorus) Those voices of the dead, echoing in your head, those screams of horrible… Read More »

Progress: This Video Game Stars A Vietnam War Veteran With Severe PTSD

So many video games glamorize the violence of war, but few acknowledge the trauma that soldiers face long after they leave the battlefield—until now. Check out this powerful new game that depicts the daily plight of a Vietnam vet who suffers from PTSD. Subscribe to ClickHole http://bit.ly/1qugIEe Like ClickHole on Facebook https://www.fb.com/clickhole Follow ClickHole on… Read More »

Using Art to cope with PTSD

I make art about the trauma of war. I look for it below the surface, searching out its invisible wounds and the resilience needed to overcome them. The challenge is to look beyond appearances, and stimulate transformation both within myself and in other traumatized people. As a combat-wounded photojournalist, I have experienced and documented the… Read More »

A Flight Through PTSD – Bomber Crew Episode 1

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"Write Us A Letter" Original song by Mike Flight. Video by GrandadIsAnOldMan. In description

I wrote this song last week and got it finished today. Soldiers who suffer from Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are often forgotten about and treated like “Toy Soldiers”. Their life is hell on Earth and their families suffer too. This song is about the mind of a PTSD victim and their thoughts. The video was… Read More »