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Jesus & The Robot – The PTSD Kitten

Combat Stress: The Musical (2015) The PTSD Kitten what does ptsd and kittens have in common, can you guess? yes, they are both cute and cuddly and loved from afar at best. oh, the sympathetic hearts will bleed and go out to them, maybe even donate some money or buy a ribbon but you shouldn’t… Read More »

Jesus & The Robot – Anti-Depressant Death Sentence

Self Mutilation Camp: Songs To Sing Around The Campfire (2015) Antidepressant Death Sentence ssri’s are antidepressants but really they are a death sentence. the weight of guilt, the burden of regret are tremendous. the world’s far too big, far to big with nowhere to hide. have you heard the one about the guy on ssri’s… Read More »

Jesus & The Robot – Psychological Trauma (Post Deployment Blues)

Combat Stress: The Musical (2015) Psychological Trauma (Post Deployment Blues) i’ve got problems, the psychological kind. the kind of problems the dsm-5 defines. while in the army, i deployed overseas. while in iraq, i scored some ptsd. came home, detached and alone to uh-oh psychological trauma. well-a, well-a, well-a uh! did you kill? did you… Read More »

Jesus & The Robot – Manifestations Of Combat Induced PTSD

Combat Stress: The Musical (2015) Manifestations Of Combat Induced PTSD While stationed in Iraq I couldn’t help but to notice that I was losing my mind. So I just followed that mind of mine around so it wouldn’t be hard to find. I’d hold conversations with myself between a robot and the son of God.… Read More »

Jesus & The Robot – Post Traumatic Stress Demons (P.T.S.D.)

All My Friends Are Dead: Hymns For Children (2014) Post Traumatic Stress Demons (P.T.S.D.) no, i don’t want to die anytime soon, you know, i’ve got too much to stay alive for. no, i won’t be killing myself anytime soon, although i really couldn’t promise you for sure. i’ve got my wife, children and friends… Read More »