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The Truth About Gyms For Trans Women

Hello Everyone! Thank you for watching my video! New Videos Every Thursday! We dive deep to get to the radically authentic truth so that we can all live our most radically authentic lives! Transgender people face more than their fair share of discrimination. This video examines how something as simple as going to the gym… Read More »

Use of Popsicle Sticks

Dr. Cirecie West-Olatunji, director of the XULA Center for Traumatic Stress Research, describes the Use of Popsicle Sticks when counseling young children who have experienced trauma. She provides particular attention to culturally responsive and social justice-oriented interventions. Source: Youtube

Doctor Dogs by Maria Goodavage Book Trailer

New York Times bestselling author Maria Goodavage takes us on a thrilling, delightful, globe-trotting journey to discover the heartwarming and fascinating new world of doctor dogs. In this groundbreaking book, Goodavage brings us behind the scenes of cutting-edge science at top research centers, and into the lives of people whose well-being depends on their devoted,… Read More »

How A Messed Up Childhood Affects You In Adulthood

It’s a humbling situation, but much about who we are as adults can be traced back to things that happened to us before our 12th birthday. Part of learning to be an adulthood means making sense of the events of our childhood. We need to spot how our past might be trying to interfere with… Read More »

TRTP Masterclass – why TRTP works. Resolve PTSD, anxiety and depression in 3 to 4 sessions.

PTSD, anxiety, depression – resolved in 3 to 4 sessions. Judith Richards, creator of TRTP, (The Richards Trauma Process), explains the TRTP process and why it works. Source: Youtube

FAW #16: PTSD in Stranger Things

Arkeida, Danielle, and Jenny discuss how Will, Joyce, and Eleven experience post-traumatic stress disorder in Stranger Things. They also talk about the evolution of Eleven and Max’s relationship, Hopper’s questionable parenting and policing skills, and the history of MKUltra. Follow us on social media! Facebook: @fandomandwellness Instagram: @fandomandwellness Twitter: @fandomwellness Follow our personal accounts on… Read More »

quick update re: Healthy Nervous System Revolution Facebook Group ;)

Hi all! Thank you for being here and following me. It’s possible you’ve found me and my work via Facebook, and if this is the case you might know about a growing community of 20K people who are part of the Healthy Nervous System Revolution Facebook Group. This past year I made some intentional changes… Read More »

The Challenge and Promise of Cannabis-Based PTSD Research

Dr. Sue Sisley (MD) Since 1968 the National Institute on Drug Abuse has maintained a monopoly on the production and distribution of cannabis for research. This monopoly has prevented U.S. based clinical research from accessing quality flower and diverse phenotypes for human testing. Dr Sisley will discuss the challenges of both obtaining federal approval for… Read More »

Healing Complex Trauma with Irene Morning

Source: https://www.podbean.com/eau/pb-dmna2-b6969b Rise to Thrive Episode 31: Healing Complex Trauma    In this episode you’ll hear:   Redefining trauma and understanding it’s symptoms Why you have social anxiety (and you’re not alone) Differentiating between coping mechanisms and actual healing Ways to calm your vagus nerve and nervous systems  Tuning into interoception: How are you in your… Read More »


5 WORST FOODS TO EAT WITH ANXIETY DISORDER. I’ll tell you these foods and why you shouldn’t eat them if you have Anxiety Disorder. Tell me in the comments if you’d stop eating them or not. Please ✔️subscribe, ✔️share and ✔️like if you haven’t already. I would really appreciate it.💙 🛒Awareness Merchandise🛒 https://teespring.com/stores/cptsd-talk 📧 cptsdtalk@gmail.com… Read More »

Healing after Childhood Trauma: Post Trauma Growth!

Healing after Childhood Trauma: Post Trauma Growth! Releasing Your Authentic Self – A daily guide for healing after abuse or trauma. https://www.svavabrooks.com/p/2019-group Join Svava Brooks as she walks her readers through her book Releasing Your Authentic Self. A daily guide to help abuse & trauma survivors rediscover themselves. Join us LIVE here for hope and… Read More »