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Life after death: You will know when you are DEAD – shock research- Brexit News

Life after death: You will know when you are DEAD – shock research- Brexit News #ufo #alien #nasa The debate of what happens after death has been raging on for thousands of years, crossing through the realms of science, religion and philosophy. But scientists are now creating a clearer picture thanks to advances in medical… Read More »

ATTACK OF THE PTSD – Jan 19, 2015

so yesterday was a little bit of a tough day for Will, which is why Skyler and I thought to take him to his fav place to eat. same day previous three years: 2012 – YES I HAVE FRIENDS 2013 – HANGOVERS SUCK 2014 – DON’T WATCH THIS VLOG make sure to check out our… Read More »


it’s no secret that i’ve been dealing with PTSD (or posttraumatic stress disorder) for quite a while now. i’ve spent the last few years learning about it, learning how to manage it, and also sharing bits and pieces of my journey with you guys in the daily vlogs. naturally, you guys have a bunch of… Read More »

Will Young enrolls in a dry stone walling class to combat stress and anxiety – 247 News

He has spoken openly about his battle with depression, anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).And Will Young is set to take part in a dry stone walling course in a bid to combat his stress and anxiety, reports The Sun.The Pop Idol winner, 39, is said to be enrolling in the course in September,… Read More »

PERFORMING & PTSD – Will Young on London Real

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