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Guided Meditiation with Dan Siegel (Wheel of Awareness)

A guided mindfulness meditation called the wheel of awareness with Dr. Dan Siegel. “Mindfulness has never met a cognition it didn’t like” “Mindfulness in its most general sense is about waking up from a life on automatic, and being sensitive to novelty in our everyday experiences. With mindful awareness the flow of energy and information… Read More »

The REVERSE Mandela Effect ~ DEAL With It!

(mes.mer.iz.ed) 1. to attract or interest you so much that you do not notice or pay attention to anything else around you. “It’s easier to fool someone, than it is to convince them they’ve been fooled.” ~Mark Twain The fight-or-flight response (also called the fight, flight, freeze, or fawn response in post-traumatic stress disorder, hyper… Read More »

Insight Into Depression – Sadhguru

In this discourse “Insight Into Depression”, Sadhguru explains that in most cases of depression a person is simply generating intense thoughts and emotions that are working against them and that in many ways, 70% of all illnesses are self-created. Sadhguru Talks @ Darshan, Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore, Sep 2010 डिप्रेशन का मूल कारण सद्गुरु डिप्रेशन/अवसाद… Read More »

PTSD, Depression, Emotional Abuse is Purifying into Wisdom, Truth and Balance of Body-Mind-Spirit

WEBSITE MERKABA CARPET BITCHUTE https://www.bitchute.com/channel/yQnTbL6nL3ma/ SKETCHES In my awakening, I started sketching what turned out to be spiritual insights about multidimensionality, spiritual awakening, spiritual ascension, quantum physics, time, dark night of the soul, spiritual gifts, higher self, love, fear, state of being, frequency and other spiritually related insights. Source: Youtube

PTSD vs Natural Law (Natural Law Wins)

What keeps us, as a species, in our seemingly perpetual cycles of enslavement? What keeps us from Knowing and Feeling Truth? Constant and continuous stresses are happening within and around each of us, moment to moment. Though you likely have no idea, if you are anything like I used to be (which is what I… Read More »

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ~ 5 ~ Forgiving Yourself

It is inevitable that you make mistakes as you recover from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Choose to surround yourself with people who have the capacity to overlook moments of weakness, is crucial for the sufferer of PTSD to succeed in life. Learn to forgive yourself for failing. Source: Youtube