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Game Grumps Triggered My Sonic Heroes PTSD

Sonic the Hedgehog has starred in some very good game in the past, but few have been as incredible as Sonic Heroes. It was so good, in fact, that I repressed all memories of me playing it. This was of course so I could relive the entire experience at a future point in time, and… Read More »

Paul Sladkus 05/18/2020

3pm est Show. https://facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10163888413375392&id=526380391 5/18/2020 Paul Sladkus Facebook Live Good News Broadcast Part Two of our pilot series….. International Nurse’s Day Video, Montefiore Hospital Shares Thanks, Wounded Hero’s with Bob Baccacia, Pete Seeger Movie, The Power of Song. Arlo Guthrie and Natalie Mannes from the Dixie Chicks talk about Pete. Bruce Springsteen, Dylan, Peter, Paul… Read More »

Escitalopram Tablet in Hindi, Escipil – ET Tablet review in hindi, use, doses, side effects

Escitalopram Tablet in Hindi, Escipil E. T. Tablet review in hindi, use, doses, side effects, contains, warning, interactions, Price, company etc 1 This medicine manufactured by pure&cure Healthcare private Limited company make it and marketing by Leeford health care Limited company 2 this medicine 10 Tablets strip M. R. P. R’s 105 3 schedule H… Read More »

5AM in Islington – PTSD, Why Black Men Don’t Talk, ‘I Was Just Hurt..’ Feat Wale Show

Please Like Share & Suscribe!!! Instagram – @the5ampodcast – https://www.instagram.com/the5ampodcast/ D Sika – @lam.sika Idris Debrand – @idrisdebrand Wale – @WaleShow ENJOYYYY!!!! Source: Youtube

Life after death: You will know when you are DEAD – shock research- Brexit News

Life after death: You will know when you are DEAD – shock research- Brexit News #ufo #alien #nasa The debate of what happens after death has been raging on for thousands of years, crossing through the realms of science, religion and philosophy. But scientists are now creating a clearer picture thanks to advances in medical… Read More »

207: Ayurveda, Healing Traumatic Stress & Finding Your Purpose With Gunny Sodhi (HIGHLIGHTS)

For the full length episode head to https://melissaambrosini.com/207, plus get all the episode resources and more inspiring weekly episodes. When you experience trauma or extreme psychological stress, overcoming it and move forward with your life can sometimes feel impossible. Today’s guest Gunny Sodhi found that out firsthand when dealing with his own PTSD. But through… Read More »

Lady Gaga – Til It Happens To You

A portion of proceeds from the sale of the song will be donated to organizations helping survivors of sexual assault. “Til It Happens To You” available for download now: iTunes: http://smarturl.it/TIHTY Google Play: http://smarturl.it/TIHTYgp Amazon: http://smarturl.it/TIHTYamz “Til It Happens To You” written by Diane Warren and Lady Gaga; performed by Lady Gaga, from the film… Read More »

[free] ‘ptsd’ xangang + spookjamie + goyxrd + r&b type beat (Prod. Lincoln & DJ Biko)

Buy My Kit with EVERY SOUND YOU NEED $60 + 2 FLPs $40 just kit & presets email me: lincolnwhitby@gmail.com IG: @lincoln2k18 PAYPAL READY OR FOH free for listening/writing. steal this & i will get your whole soundcloud etc removed. traktrain: https://traktrain.com/lincoln2k18 lease: $30 EXCLUSIVE: $100 email: lincolnwhitby@gmail.com IG: @lincoln2k18 IGNORE: free summrs type beat… Read More »


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