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Since We Telling The Truth | Mental Health, PTSD, Fatherhood, All Millennial's Aren't dumb & More!

I just wanted to vent but also change the content also. a lot of people especially young people like myself go through these same situations. tell me what you think playa lol.. #MentalHealth #Fatherhood #PTSD Source: Youtube


You know you love her. Thumbs up or Thumbs down, don’t mean a thing. Truthfully Trisha is a personality that has committed herself to be DRAMA Free! Tune in for some exciting new content and participate in some fun live chats. Those who are trolls will be put into the peanut gallery and not allowed… Read More »

PTSD Expert Who Survived Las Vegas Massacre Recounts Horror in Book: 'Burned into My Memory' – News

Two weeks after surviving last year’s Las Vegas mass shooting, Dr. Shiva Ghaed decided to return to the city with her sister, who was attending a medical conference. The San Diego-based clinical psychologist assumed she would be fine, given her extensive training and years of experience treating patients with post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety issues.  But Ghaed… Read More »

RV Living with PTSD | How RV Travel Helps Mental Health

This video was very difficult for me to make, while hiking Mount Washington in New Hampshire, I open up about surviving the mass shooting in Las Vegas Nevada. We attended the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas in October 2017. It changed our lives forever. I now live with PTSD, anxiety and depression. I… Read More »

DISTRESSED (Short Scene About PTSD)

In this short scene we talk about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Towards the last part of the video we talk about some future plans to extend this short scene. More more information we have included links as usual. Disclaimer: *Our videos are here for your Entertainment/Education only, we take no responsibility for any reconstruction of… Read More »

In Honor of Jaquie ( Chronically Jaquie ) and looking for Janiece, (The Raw Life )

Please share with everyone! Hi guy, Sorry I have been away just need time. Jaquie and I were working on a project together on my leashes, I was make her a set but now I am doing giveaways in her honor Also look to find her close friend to send them one of the leashes… Read More »

G Herbo – “PTSD” (Snippet)

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