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#ptsd Those Who Turned Their Backs On Me in NYC, My "Friends", Family & the Love of My Life, SHAME!

After so many years of having fought many personal battles, I feel like my former home of New York City has made their choice…to them I am a damaged good, someone who reminds them of what REAL patriotism, self-sacrifice and what 9/11 recovery workers STILL live with years later. I feel betrayed, heartbroken, hurt and… Read More »

PTSD-It's Not Just The Emotional Toll, But the Physical Toll Can Be Just As Painful

Lately, I have been experiencing pains on my sides, I have been losing sleep and based on my blood test result from 3 months ago, I fear there may be something going on. It may be time to explore these issues that I feel this situation with my kids has caused physical problems. I miss… Read More »

June Is PTSD Month and a 9/11 World Trade Center Recovery Worker's Take On the Condition

I may not be a soldier, I may not be military, I may not be law enforcement…but what I saw and experienced on those few days I was at Ground Zero in 2001 was enough to affect me probably for life. However, our society, families and friend choose to treat us like we are a… Read More »

#PTSD post traumatic stress disorder – Hero to Zero

Virtual Reality and 360 Video tells stories with you in. Pls select the best quality for your location. See more here https://luke-woods.com/360-video How does PTSD affect veterans – we are still people underneath. Dont be afraid of us – don’t be afraid to talk – man up and talk about it. The best help comes… Read More »